• WeMedico is a unique communication platform for doctors linked through hospitals, societies, and various events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and social gatherings.
  • Private networking platform for doctors/practitioners
  • Easy access to all the happenings within medico organizations - events, conferences, discussions, surveys, etc.

WeMedico gives healthcare organizations an opportunity to extend their existing static website by building vibrant community of their doctors, establishing all-way communication across all channels including mobile.

As medical advancements have helped to achieve “Continuous Healthcare” over “On-Demand Healthcare”, time has come to use the available information technology to apply the same paradigm to build even stronger network of medical professionals. While most of the medico organizations and providers have boldly taken first few technological steps by creating web presences, they have not gone beyond to reap the real IT benefits. Hence the members of the organization tend to use third party communication tools and most of the communication remains unstructured and non-traceable for future references.

Sighting the need, IPLit Solutions presents a custom built solution “WeMedico” with an aim to connect docs, construed as a technological shot in the arm to achieve organizational goals through consistent communication platform.

“WeMedico” shall be of particular interest to midsize healthcare organizations having various departments/groups. Organization will be able to transform the existing static website into a vibrant platform by injecting two way communication available on various channels like computers and mobile application for its members to exchange relevant information on regular basis.

Professional Collaboration

  • Share views, images, videos, and other documents with colleagues
  • Participate in discussions, or refer earlier discussions

  • CME Tracker

  • Keeps track of CME points and certificates

  • Events - Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

  • Register for events, bookmark events, add event to calender

  • Get Candid Feedback

  • Hospital/Society/Event Organiser can post opinion poll or survey and get frank feedback from doctors

  • Messages

  • Keep in touch through personal messagingCME